World Championships in Alpine Skiing

This site is covering the past World Championships in Alpine Skiing. In a way it is a twin site to the one devoted to Alpine Skiing at Olympic Games. Particularly in the sense that ski races at the postwar Olympic Games were from 1950. till 1980. recognised by the FIS as Alpine Skiing World Championships. This was most obvious for the Alpine Combined event which, during this period, was not considered as an Olympic event, so no Olympic medals were awarded. Yet, top competitors were adapting their racing tactics to win a medal in this non-Olympic, but prestigious World Championship event.

To ease the comparison between these most important Alpine skiing events this site is structured in more or less the same way as the twin site covering the Olympic Alpine events. Unfortunately,
official results and other data were published in the Final Reports only for the postwar Championships. For the prewar ones the data are thus somewhat less complete.

In collecting all this data, generous help was provided by the FIS ladies – Sarah Lewis, Sonja Reichen, Karin Gurtner, as well as Ingrid Wicken (California Ski Library, Norco) Marie-Jo Paillard (FFS), Martina Breitfuss(Schladming Ski World Cup office) Anna Lookabill Scott (Aspen Historical Society), Pernilla Hammar Rognoy (Åre 2007 AB), and Elsa Claret-Tournier (ENSA).

Since this is still very much a work in progress, further improvements will be clearly reflected in the number of buttons activated at the navigation bar on the left.

You may notice that the next site covering major alpine skiing events will be devoted to Arlberg-Kandahar races. Namely, in 2008 it will be the 80th anniversary of this landmark event, which before the World War II was considered as the most important alpine ski race in the world, a kind of an informal World Championship.

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